Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chef Policies: Why, What, and How [feedly]

Chef Policies: Why, What, and How

Chef users often ask for guidance about how to develop and manage cookbooks. Over time, different solutions have emerged, each with its own workflow. Policies, a new feature of Chef, resolve many of the reasons for these conflicting approaches. Policies combine the best parts of roles, environments, and client-side dependency resolvers such as Berkshelf into a single, easy-to-use workflow. By using policies, you can apply a specific set of cookbooks to a node or nodes with a single document. You can first apply the policies in development, where they can be tested, and then promote them to production safely and reliably. Chef DK now includes a number of new commands to work with policies. In all, you'll find that policies provide a much more delightful way to manage infrastructure with Chef. In this webinar, Chef Software Engineer Joshua Timberman will discuss: * What policies are * Why Chef developed policies * How to get started with policies 

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