Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Effective Tools for Effective Change [feedly]

Effective Tools for Effective Change

DevOps does not exist in a vacuum; it rests on a social structure and culture that are intertwined. Hierarchies within organizations, industry connections, and globalization all influence culture. At the same time, culture influences social structure and impacts its effectiveness. To complicate matters even more, the tools we use have an overarching influence. Tools can affect our behavior, how we share knowledge, and our organizational hierarchies. Often, a particular technology is presented as a "best practice" or as the right way to solve a problem. How do we resolve the cognitive dissonance that arises when the "correct" tool is no longer suited to our current environment? As technology increasingly shapes how we work, how do we determine what technologies to adopt to help effect the changes we want? In this webinar, Chef Software Engineer Jennifer Davis will help you to frame the choices available to you, identify the weaknesses in your environment that your current tools disguise, and be more effective and deliberate with the tools used in your organization. 

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