Monday, September 14, 2015

The Cloudcast Packaging DevOps Big and Small [feedly]

The Cloudcast Packaging DevOps Big and Small
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Aaron and Nick Weaver(@lynxbat) talk to Jeff Dickey(@jeffdickey; Chief Innovation Officer @Redapt) about building Clouds and DevOps environments for both small and large customers and the real world challenges they face. Thank you to the Linux Foundation for hosting us as a media sponsor!

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  • Topic 1 - This will be a quick follow up from our podcast at DockerCon, this has to be the fastest follow up ever on the show. We wanted to thank Rich for his great feedback and questions.
  • Topic 2 - Let's start at the start. What does a company like Redapt see when it has a customer engagement. What is a typical customer? What market? What application needs? How often do they deploy? What's the developer's environment?
  • Topic 3 - When Redapt is proposing a solution, what is the "usual" target environment that Redapt tries to influence. Where have you seen success? Where have you "learned some lessons"?
  • Topic 4 - What are the typical barriers to adoption and success/failure? How do customers handle cultural shifts? Can it be done?
  • Topic 5 - If you had to label an industry or customer type that is the "poster child" for success, what would they look like? How long does it take most customers to get there?


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