Monday, September 14, 2015

The Cloudcast What is Immutable Infrastructure? [feedly]

The Cloudcast What is Immutable Infrastructure?
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Brian talks with Subbu Allamaraju (@sallamar, Chief Engineer, Cloud & Platforms @ebay) about Cloud Computing in Seattle, immutable infrastructure, the P-D-M-R cycle, and understanding Durable and Declarative environments.

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Topic 1 - Let's talk about your background. You've been part of some very well-known companies and large environments over the past decade

Topic 2 - Virtualization and cloud have introduced these terms that really we're around previously - "ephemeral", "immutable". Let's set a baseline for what those terms means.

Topic 3 - In your blog, you talk about this concept of a closed-loop "P-D-M-R cycle".  Provision - Deploy - Monitor - Remediate. Then you talk about how this is a broken model; let's explore that.

Topic 4 - Let's talk about these concepts - "durable" and "declarative". What does that mean and how is the technology around us starting to deliver that?

Topic 5 - You mention that IaaS isn't dead, even though it's currently made up of ephemeral elements (e.g. VMs, etc.). Do you see a distinction between the Durable/Declarative "layer" and the IaaS "layer" - who manages those resources?


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