Monday, November 9, 2015

Chef Compliance: Security at Velocity [feedly]

Chef Compliance: Security at Velocity

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News stories about security breaches, including illegal access to email and sensitive personal information, are becoming all too familiar. Organizations are under very real threats from hackers but, at the same time, are finding it difficult to meet increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Even if companies achieve compliance, staying compliant over time is another challenge. Finally, how can companies reconcile the need for rigorous security checks with the need for speedy innovation? In this webinar, Chef Engineering Lead Dominik Richter will introduce you to Chef Compliance, Chef's new offering for achieving security at velocity. Dominik will give an overview of what compliance means and how it is related to security. He'll then talk about the capabilities offered by Chef Compliance. You'll see how you can use Chef Compliance to scan any server in your network for vulnerabilities. You'll learn about automated audit tests that can check your code as it moves through the software deployment pipeline. Dominik will also show how you can use Chef Compliance with Chef Delivery for a complete, end-to-end solution. 

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