Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Cloudcast #246 - The Quest for 1M Containers [feedly]

The Cloudcast #246 - The Quest for 1M Containers
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Aaron and Brian talk to Mitchell Hashimoto (@mitchellh, Founder of @HashiCorp) about the lack of VC funding for an open source Death Star, customer interest in Microsoft Azure, the need for bigger/faster schedulers, developer patterns and Zero-Trust Datacenter.

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Topic 1 - It's been a little over a year since you were last on the show. Things are changing really fast in the market. What are you seeing in the market?

Topic 2 - Hashicorp recently made all of their tools Microsoft Azure compatible. Where are you seeing interest from your customers in Azure?

Topic 3 - A few months ago, Docker showed that Swarm could support 30,000 containers. Cloud Foundry supposedly supports 25,000 containers. And then Nomad came out with 1M containers. Why does anyone need that many containers?

Topic 4 - There is a lot of dogma in the market about "platforms". Are we getting close to a big market shakeout or consolidation, or will the confusion continue for a while?

Topic 5 - You always give us some perspective on a broader way to view application management. We don't talk much about security on the show because we're clueless, so give us some insight.


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