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ChefConf Session Spotlight – Breaking Technology Silos with Chef [feedly]

ChefConf Session Spotlight – Breaking Technology Silos with Chef
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Next up in our ChefConf Session Spotlight series, we'd like to draw your attention to Sean Walberg. Sean is a DevOps practitioner with the National Football League's digital media division, which encompasses all of the league's websites and streaming. Over the past two-plus years he's used Chef to help automate website operations and reduce downtime. He is the current maintainer of the knife-vsphere plugin and the creator of an F5 plugin. He's also written 3 books, including a recently released LPIC-1 certification guide. Sean lives with his wife, 3 boys, and 2 cats in Springfield, VA.


Sean's session, "Breaking Technology Silos with Chef," takes place Tuesday, July 12th and is perfect for folks new to Chef. He'll be discussing best practices and lessons learned from the last two years of using Chef at the NFL. Here's what Sean wants you to know about his session:

Chef is an amazing tool but to really unlock its potential you need to look at how it integrates with the rest of your technology. This presentation is the story of how the NFL used Chef to transform its siloed infrastructure and practices into something more agile, automated, and reliable. This presentation will talk about the last 2 years of Chef at the NFL, including how we integrated it with our virtualization infrastructure, load balancers, storage, and application performance monitoring. We'll talk about some things that Chef taught us about infrastructure as code that we were able to apply to other areas, and things we learned to make our cookbooks easier to manage across groups.
This session is part of our "Welcome to Chef" track at ChefConf. You can add this presentation and more to your agenda via the ChefConf app for iOS and Android.

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