Saturday, July 2, 2016

HIPAA Compliance as a Service: powered by Chef Compliance [feedly]

HIPAA Compliance as a Service: powered by Chef Compliance
// Chef Software

Healthcare organizations face increasing regulatory pressure to maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations, while also needing to significantly modernize their technology to comply with ACA, Meaningful Use, and other federal, state, and local requirements. At the same time, the Healthcare field has never had a better opportunity to increase personalized care, lower costs, and leverage technology for measurably better outcomes. Cloud computing offers nearly unlimited computing and storage capacity - but with great power comes great responsibility. The agility Healthcare is enjoying in the cloud comes with increased risk and exposure to security breaches due to lack of compliance with Healthcare regulations and industry best practices. Cloudticity's HIPAA Compliance as a Service, powered by Chef Compliance, is a fully automated software-as-a-service solution. In this webinar, you will see firsthand how Cloudticity has mapped Chef Compliance's CIS profiles directly to HIPAA CFR regulations, providing a powerful automated solution to leverage the cloud's agility while minimizing risk. Governance + agility = powerful outcomes at reduced costs.

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