Thursday, August 25, 2016

Announcing Public and Private Kubernetes and CoreOS Training [feedly]

Announcing Public and Private Kubernetes and CoreOS Training

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Today we're announcing a new training series from the engineers at CoreOS. Join us for classes on Kubernetes, containers, and CoreOS Linux. You can sign up today for public classes starting in September, or contact us to request a private class for your company.

Interest in Kubernetes and container technology is accelerating at an incredible pace. These tools are a part of what we at CoreOS call GIFEE (Google's infrastructure for everyone). And it truly matters for everyone: Google and the other hyperscale internet companies are now everyone's competition, in every sector.

Taking advantage of GIFEE and the way these hyperscale companies work requires new architectures, skills, and organizational attitudes. CoreOS has built an array of open source building blocks and commercial products to bring these approaches to the broader market. Today we're expanding our portfolio to include advanced training, and to work with interested companies and innovative developers more directly.

Learn from the engineers who build the building blocks

In our interactive workshops, you'll learn how to set up and operate a Kubernetes and CoreOS cluster, hands-on. You'll understand Kubernetes concepts and architecture, then build, configure, and manage your own cluster. You'll learn how to deploy the controller and worker nodes, the Kubernetes DNS service discovery mechanism, and how to wield the kubectl CLI used to manage applications on Kubernetes. Students will create pods to run their application containers, scale those apps with Kubernetes deployments and replication controllers, and make them available to users and other programs by exposing them as Kubernetes services.

Additionally, you'll learn about CoreOS and why it is the best Linux distribution for GIFEE container cluster infrastructure. Discover how CoreOS provides today's distributed computing essentials, such as containers with rkt and Docker, distributed configuration with etcd, and secure atomic updates.

Sign up for a two-day public class

Training is delivered by CoreOS technologists and experts with direct lines to the CoreOS and Kubernetes engineers who build our products and projects.

The public sessions are two-day classes focused on teaching you to install, run, and manage a Kubernetes cluster. Training sessions cost $1,500 per ticket, and are limited to 15 attendees so that we can provide a high level of individual attention – so sign up early to secure your ticket.

The initial schedule for two-day Kubernetes trainings delivered by CoreOS is:

More dates and cities will be announced soon!

Request private training for your company

CoreOS can also come to you, on-site, to deliver instruction for your cutting edge dev and ops teams. We offer two-day or three-day classes, priced per day.

Finally, CoreOS can also deliver custom workshops or consulting engagements. Contact CoreOS to find out more.

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