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The Dockerizing of VMworld 2016 [feedly]

The Dockerizing of VMworld 2016

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Containers have landed…in VMs in the enterprise.

Docker's adoption continues to grow in the enterprise. There have been over 5 billion images pulls, and 60% of users are running Docker in production environments. Today Docker is run everywhere – from development to production; in the cloud, on virtual machines and bare-metal servers. Enterprise application teams around the world are seeing the value of Docker containers and how they help them containerize their existing applications to save money and better utilize infrastructure resources.

To get the latest with Docker and vms stop by our Docker booth #2362 at VMworld. Containers and vms are different but are complementary when it comes to application deployment. With their ability to optimize infrastructure resources, accelerate deployment and provide additional security, Docker containers bring some serious benefits to virtualized workloads within enterprise environments. Additionally, a Dockerized workload gains portability as containers move from VMs or bare metal systems, on prem or in the cloud. That same platform serves as the foundation for your new microservices applications as well.


The Docker booth experience you won't want to miss:

Live demos – Three live  demos will be featured in the booth, including:

  1. Deploy your very first Docker container with a quick hands on tutorial
  2. The latest Docker 1.12 with built in orchestration for intelligent host clustering and application scheduling
  3. Witness how Docker delivers security and manageability at scale for the Enterprise with Docker Datacenter

Onsite Docker wizards from the Docker team to answer questions and provide 1:1 whiteboard session

Docker T-shirts and Swag (while supplies last) – We think Moby Dock is pretty cool and have some great new t-shirts to share with you…but you're going to have to take a #DockerSelfie!

To get you prepped for Docker at VMworld 2016 we've included a reading list of three blogs. These will teach you about the technical differences between containers and VMs, and how you can leverage Docker containers and vms together to achieve better resource utilization.

Here are the reads:

  1. Containers are not VMs – This blog explains the technical difference between Docker containers and virtual machines
  2. Containers and VMs Together – This blog explains how containers and VMs can be used together to help you optimize your infrastructure.
  3. Containerization for the Virtualization Admin – This blog includes a replay of the Containers for The Virtualization Admin webinar.

Take a look at the image below. On the left side you'll see containerization without vms. Notice how the Docker engine installs directly on the host OS, and how the three containerized applications running are completely isolated. On the right side you'll see containerization combined with virtualization. Multiple docker containers can run within VMs. This enables you to better utilize your infrastructure resources.

But it's more than just Docker containers…

Enterprise needs include security, scalability and application management. To meet these needs our customers have turned to Docker Datacenter, our commercial platform for Containers as a Service. This integrated platform is designed to take containerized applications from development to production.  With everything from built in cluster/application orchestration to integrated end-to-end security, Docker Datacenter provides the enterprise grade controls IT ops need without sacrificing the agility and portability that the business requires in order to outpace competition.

We're looking forward to seeing you at VMworld 2016 at booth #2362!


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