Thursday, September 1, 2016

Creating the next generation of DevOps [feedly]

Creating the next generation of DevOps

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It can be difficult to hire people with the exact skills you want or need for your DevOps team. Just look at the job boards! There's tons of competition and not nearly enough people to meet the demand. With a total size of 8 employees, DNSimple decided to take a different approach by starting an apprenticeship program to train people with little to no experience in DevOps. In this webinar, Aaron Kalin of DNSimple goes over the lessons learned in budgeting, hiring, and onboarding their first ever apprentice along with why and how you might want to start a similar program at your company. Aaron will conclude with an update of where their apprentice is now and answer any questions you might have. Join us to learn: - Ways to change your hiring practices to be more inclusive and increase diversity - How to go about starting an apprenticeship program at your company and who is currently running programs - The benefits of having a DevOps apprenticeship program at your company   

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