Thursday, September 1, 2016

Modern Cookbook Design [feedly]

Modern Cookbook Design

-- via my feedly newsfeed

If you're a typical Chef user, you learned cookbook design by writing recipes and then tuning functionality with node attributes—and you probably didn't focus too much on the underlying Ruby concepts. This approach can lead to messy designs that are more difficult to verify and maintain. Chef's fundamental building blocks are resources, not recipes. In this webinar, Kevin Dickerson of Loom (a Chef Certified Partner), will demonstrate a resource-centric approach to designing and verifying cookbooks that can reduce defects, increase clarity, and provide greater isolation of logic and various configuration concerns. Kevin will show you how to create and use resources and resource properties instead of emulating resources with recipes. He'll also teach you how to verify cookbooks, and how verification is simplified when a resource is only concerned with the conditions that affect its behavior. You'll also be introduced to some Ruby concepts that don't seem to get a lot of attention—after all, Chef cookbooks are written in Ruby.  

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