Monday, May 15, 2017

The Recipe for System Success: Chef + Cloud

The Recipe for System Success: Chef + Cloud
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We are living in a world of constant change: companies of all sizes and in all industries are tasked with being a disruptor or being disrupted. Slow-moving enterprises which rely only on legacy technology are falling behind their competitors. So everyone is talking about digital transformation and the move to emerging technologies such as microservices, containers, virtualization and the cloud.

Demand for cloud computing is expected to grow 18% this year alone, according to Gartner research forecasts. The move to cloud computing means many companies will have more infrastructure to manage as they migrate from data centers to AWS, Azure or other cloud providers.

Chef allows developer and operations teams to work together to build, deploy and manage software in any environment at velocity — by using DevOps practices.

Steven Vaughan-Nichols writes in HPE's enterprise.nxt that, "Chef is an open source cloud configuration management and deployment application. It's meant to help anyone orchestrate servers in a cloud or just in a departmental data center. Instead of system administrators sweating over management programs that were designed for single, stand-alone servers, Chef allows DevOps to spin off dozens or hundreds of server instances in less time than it takes you to read this article."

If you're looking to learn more about how Chef can help your organization's digital transformation, there's still time to register for ChefConf! Join us in Austin May 22-24.

As Vaughan-Nichols states in HPE, "I think you'll find Chef serves up a very tasty diet for long-term corporate IT success."

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