Friday, April 26, 2024

Citrix Connect Kicks Off in New York City!

Citrix Connect, an invite-only, one-day Technical Summit featuring exclusive content presented by Citrix thought leaders, kicked off in New York City on April 16. 

‘Connecting’ is what it’s all about

We want to connect with you, our valued customers, and:

  • Share our vision and strategy for how Citrix provides innovative solutions that align with your business goals.
  • Preview our product roadmap and share exciting developments and enhancements planned for our solutions.
  • Offer deep dive technical discussions from our experts that will empower you to stay ahead and leverage the latest advancements in technology.
  • Foster an environment in which to engage in meaningful conversations with your peers!

The first of 10 events happening throughout 2024 around the globe, Citrix Connect NYC was an exciting gathering of 100+ customers and partners from the Northeastern US, delving into the latest Citrix vision and strategy. I was joined by Calvin Hsu, VP of Product Marketing for Citrix, as well as several of our top thought leaders and experts. The agenda was packed full of exclusive content, and the response from customers has been energizing to say the least. 

“I would recommend people to come to Citrix Connect, not only just to get the ideas what other peers are doing in the industry, but also to understand what the roadmap is of Citrix, what they are trying to solve for not only for one industry, [but] for other industries, because you can utilize those ideas to incorporate in your [organization].” – Director of IT Infrastructure

What we covered

Our day started with breakfast together, where it was great to chat with customers who have been with us for years, meet newcomers to our space, and get a feel for how technology is influencing everyone’s business. In the opening keynote, I  delved into Citrix’s vision and strategy, centered around the new Citrix platform. From there, we moved into sessions covering major announcements and developments, including:

  • What’s new in Citrix DaaS and CVAD
  • How to overcome challenges when moving from VPN to Zero Trust Network Access
  • Leveraging Citrix Enterprise Browser for SaaS and Web applications & security
  • NetScaler: Enterprise ADC for your mission-critical applications
  • Demo: EHR and Beyond – Delivery of Your Digital Healthcare Ecosystem
  • Lunchtime Tech Talks
  • Technical Session – Citrix Observability Platform
  • Modern Citrix Management with WEM
  • Migrating to the latest CVAD 2402 LTSR

Throughout the day, customers were given the opportunity to ask questions and go deeper into topics of interest. We ended the day with a networking reception, a great opportunity to spend 1:1 time with our peers. This in-person experience is one we’re excited to continue. The agenda and details will be tailored to each city, but the goal remains the same: keep our valued customers in-the-know, and come together to make authentic, in-person connections as we’ve missed doing over the last few years. We know it can be difficult to find time and budget to travel, which is why we are bringing our leaders to a city near you.

Join us!

Citrix Connect will be hosted in 9 more cities around the globe throughout the year. Make sure you keep an eye out for more confirmed dates, and request to attend in a city near you.

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