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Falcon Fund in Focus: Nagomi Helps Customers Maximize Their Cybersecurity Investments

Preventable breaches are a common problem. According to research by Nagomi, a leader in the nascent field of automated security control assessment, 80% of breached organizations already had a tool in place that could have prevented it. 

One solution is to maximize the use of security tools they already have. Many enterprises grapple with ineffective and reactive security operations, worsened by using multiple disparate security products. Tools are purchased but not fully deployed, ROI is never realized and teams are stuck in a constant state of reacting to alerts rather than making progress.

“I don’t need more tools … I need to find a way to deploy the tools I already have more effectively,” one CISO told Nagomi. “This is why I don’t sleep at night … I have no way of knowing my security stack’s effectiveness.”

Facing increasingly fast and stealthy threat actors, CISOs need to know their security investments are effective against evolving threats. This is where Nagomi adds tremendous value. And with support from the CrowdStrike Falcon Fund, they are changing the way security teams balance risk and defense.  

Falcon Fund Invests in Nagomi

Falcon Fund has invested in Nagomi to help organizations boost the effectiveness of their existing security tools. Falcon Fund, an investment fund managed by CrowdStrike in partnership with Accel, is focused on global, cross-stage investments in companies that provide differentiated capabilities to joint customers.

Nagomi, formerly known as Vena Security and founded in January 2023, offers a proactive defense platform that enables customers to better use their security stacks to defend against current and emerging threats in the wild. Nagomi transforms fragmented best-of-breed solutions into best-of-suite security for customers by providing end-to-end visibility of defense capabilities mapped against MITRE ATT&CK®. With this information, security teams can prioritize the most urgent risks based on their unique threat profile and get prescriptive remediation plans to reduce threat exposure.

Nagomi is quickly innovating to deliver a threat-centered, data-driven and actionable approach to cybersecurity — one that enables customers to provide high-level security maturity metrics to executives while showing security practitioners exactly how to reduce risk, fix misconfigurations and make strategic decisions with business context.

Nagomi’s early success proves the value of its proactive approach to security. Within six months of launching, Nagomi was successfully deployed by Fortune 500 customers and has seen significant adoption in some of the world’s most complex security environments. 

How the Integration Works

Nagomi helps CrowdStrike customers get the most from their CrowdStrike Falcon® deployment by monitoring for configuration gaps and testing for attacks across their IT infrastructure as well as other security tools. Nagomi’s proactive defense platform uses CrowdStrike’s modern cloud architecture to ingest detections, host details and policy settings to map the deployment of CrowdStrike Falcon sensors. Nagomi then tests adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) against the mapped deployment to recommend configuration policy changes.

The integration provides CrowdStrike customers with:

  • Proactive risk management: Continuously analyze threats and corresponding defenses to identify gaps and remediation opportunities to prevent exploitation.
  • Actionable defense plans: Pinpoint risk and modify configuration settings based on vulnerability to adversary TTPs.
  • Clear communication: Share the current state of risk with peers and leadership using evidence-based data that considers business limitations and constraints.

Visit the CrowdStrike Marketplace to request the Nagomi integration and learn more.

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